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Trujillo hotels. The rooms are not over the top, but they do feature nice amenities, like air conditioning, television, a safe and a minibar. If you want a little more peace and quiet when staying at this excellent choice for downtown, Hotel Libertador offers high quality service, in an exclusive setting, on all its destinations. El brujo hotel Trujillo accommodation. Gran Hotel El Golf Hotel Libertador Trujillo ˇ Grand Bolivar Hotel Los Conquistadores hotel in Trujillo Peru travel trips hostel and tourism information. Plaza hotel two beds lodge hotel room trujillo parador hotel flying tickets to Jerez de la frontera. Airport hotel reservation Trujillo Spain motel

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Trujillo lies on the North coast of Honduras at the foot of Mounts Capira and Calentura on a small bluff overlooking the beautiful and expansive bay of Trujillo. Those of us from the U. S. think of Central America as having an east (Caribbean) and west (Pacific) coast, but if you look at the map you will understand that a great deal of the Caribbean coast of Honduras runs east/west and in reality faces due north. Category: Hotel in Trujillo Honduras

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Like so many of its fellow towns and cities in the region of Extremadura, Trujillo has a wide and varied history, which is visible in the buildings and artifacts found throughout the city. Some of the places you should try and visit in Trujillo are the Bullring the Carmelita monastery that offers a delicious selection of biscuits and cookies, and the Costume Museum. The Parador de Trujillo, a fine place to stay in an 18th century convent and there's a good range of other charming Trujillo hotels. such as the Mesón La Cadena right on the Plaza Mayor. An interesting alternative is to stay in an ancient traveller's inn such as the Posada Dos Orillas. Category: Hotel motel in Trujillo Spain.

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The Colonial city of Trujillo is very close to the ruins of Chan-Chan that remains still bear witness to a rich culture which died out before the arrival of the Incas over 500 years ago. Trujillo is situated in the fertile valley of Santa Catalina in an oasis bathed by Moche's river. It has some magnificent mansions and many baroque churches belonging to the Spanish period. A city of balconies and iron grilles, it is pleasant and hospitable. It can be reached from Lima daily by air, or by car via the Panamerican Highway. Category: Motels and hotels in Trujillo Peru.

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